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Hello or oi, tudo bem?


My name is Adriana and I am one of the faces working hard to make Lusofonia Oxford a project for all to enjoy.


I am the founder of Lusofonia Oxford and totally committed to share the joy of Brazilian and Portuguese cultures, including teaching you the language and customs of Portuguese speaking countries.

My goal is to provide you with an unique opportunity of getting in touch with such rich cultures, while you learn in a most effective yet effortless way. 

As a qualified teacher with over 23 years experience, I am passionate about all aspects of teaching, training, planning and delivering learning experiences. My main interests are music, food and travelling. 




VITOR is our European Portuguese tutor. He is a native speaker and qualified trainer, and he enjoys teaching Portuguese, specially for Business and Commercial Strategies. He has a special way to teach the language for children. He is passionate about Portuguese culture, gastronomy and architecture, and wow, he will talk to you about wine and music too!

He is also responsible for helping the Portuguese speaking community on day-to-day tasks, such as dealing with oficial matters, translating documents from English to Portuguese and being their representative in a variety of ocasions.

In his spare time he sings fado and MPB, and browses the internet, so he can get the inspiration for our events and planning of new adventures for Lusofonia Oxford.

Vitor is available for lessons via Skype and face to face, for translating and interpreting jobs and general support for the English and Portuguese community.  Contact us via e-mail: [email protected] or call him on 07891285344.



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