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My level

  1. I don't know any Portuguese. Do you teach complete beginners?

    Yes, we do. Don't worry if you don't know any of it. We promise you you'll be speaking Portuguese in a little while!

  2. I know some Portuguese but have never been assessed. Therefore I don't know which level I am.

    There is no problem if you don't know your level. The first time you come in we can do a short assessment so you'll be able to start your lessons from the right point.

  3. I know some Portuguese but can't speak it. Which is my level then?

    Some people learn first how to speak; others are able to read a foreign language but aren't able to speak it. That is absolutely normal. After your assessment you'll then be given lessons to tackle your weakest points and to reinforce your strenghts.

  4. I studied some Portuguese a long time ago. Am I a beginner?

    Sometimes we are just a bit rusty in a language. We'll together identify the points you need to refresh and then start working in a very dinamic way to bring back and develop all this knowledge you've already got. 

  5. I speak Spanish (or French, or Italian, or Romenian), am I a complete beginner in Portuguese?

    Hello, we have loads of current and previous students who speak other Romance languages, from just knowing a few words to actually being fluent in it.

    I am pleased to say that, no, you are NOT a complete beginner in Portuguese. There are lots of features on your acquired or native Spanish, French or Italian that will get you far in Portuguese.

    During your assessment, we will identify what can be used from your other language to get you speaking Portuguese quickly and effortlessly. Thereafter, we will draw your learning plan based on your strenghts and work very carefully on your weaknesses and accent.

    Please get in touch to know more about our methodology, on the session Contact us.

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Flexible lessons

  1. I am a professional, therefore don't have much time for classes. What can you do for me?

    Don't you worry. We have a flexible approach to learning and if you don't have the time you won't be asked to write essays in Portuguese!

    We have a variety of solutions for you, from evening classes to Skype lessons. Lessons can last as little as 15 minutes, or else we can offer you intensive sessions of up to 4 hours in one day.

    We will also guide you to use specific resources to support your learning, such as apps that will take only five minutes per day to get your Portuguese going.

    Please get in touch through the button Contact us.

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